What are you doing this Monsoon??

At Mulshi Dam Backwaters

Let the common not take away your uncommon.

The onset of monsoon and every city dweller is already making a list of weekend gateways. Indeed the saturated moments should be replaced by peaceful ones, and what more than doing something different to rejuvenate.

Navja Waterfall

This year don't head to the usual Monsoon Getaways near Mumbai & Pune like Malshej, Matheran & Lonavala which will certainly entice you to visit them. Infact, this monsoon explore something exceptional.  I am not trying to cover monsoon tourist places but some great monsoon experiences.

The huge scape and the reverse waterfall near Trambakeshwar, Nashik

9 unusual monsoon experiences around Mumbai & Pune

A twilight at Bhandardhara

Koyna Dam

The Fireflies Symphony

Experience the show of a million fireflies paint the sky with some scheduled unison. Be a part of this spectacular natural phenomenon which attracts many an eco-tourists. This phenomenon happens once in a year before the augment of heavy monsoon and is a definite go go. The mating season gathers thousands of fireflies who offer a symphony of lights. The darkness explores the best in them.

Experience these events near Mumbai & Pune at Purushwadi Village, Bhandardhara and Rajmachi Fort.

You are still in luck to catch them as starting  of June is the right time to witness the grand show. We are not blessed with heavy rains yet, and will be fortunate enough to experience the show thus.

Do your bit, give a boost to rural tourism. Come back with some ideal experience.

Refer to link for Fireflies Show -

 Photo Courtesy - www.eventshigh.com

Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfalls are enticing . Have the thrill of rappelling a waterfall. Let fear not be your companion, and try  what is your first such experience. Let you heart pound when you rapel through the torrential falls, the slippery surfaces and emerge with the sheer pleasure of having experienced something unique.

Vihigaon, Bekare, Dodhani, Dudhiware, Madap & Kondana Waterfalls are some of the waterfalls favoring waterfall rappelling.

Refer to Kink for Waterfall  Rappelling Events -

Waterfall Rappellig at Vihigaon Falls, Jawhar

Bursting  Dams

Dams have been a very compelling experience for me. Man made developments  which could be productive as well as equally destructive. The dams harness unfathomable strengths, an epitome of power and energy as well as undisputed beauty.

I relate overflowing dams to prosperity and consider it a delightful sight.

Come monsoon identify the dams in your vicinity and check how the dams make the landscapes go ethereal. Watch the show of clouds and the patter of rains. All in the comforting feel that there are still such beautiful places untouched by cities.

Dams like Mulshi, Koyna , Varasgaon Dam - Lavasa, Temghar Dam, Lavasa , Jog Dam, Malshej , Manikdoh- Junnar can be well explored as you can go around the circumference of the dam waters. Some dams are under tight security and do not allow trespassing.  The same should be respected.

Bursting Temghar Dam at Lavasa 

Sunrise at Jog Dam Reservoir, Malshej Ghat

Beautiful Sunset at Morbe Dam Backwaters

Koyna Dam the largest in Maharashtra

Bird Watching & Species Watching

Some birds are guests of the season as they are easily spotted then. Oriental Dwarf  Kingfisher  the smallest of the kingfisher species are found active in monsoons. ODKF as its known in the birding fraternity is a vibrantly colored bird and makes it presence shown in Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Chiplun to name a few places in Western Ghats, India. Monsoon being the breeding time, they are mobile and can be spotted near streams and densely shaded forests.

Experience the vibrant show-off of the fan throated lizard. Pre-monsoons is the breeding season and time to attract females. The males display an attractive fan of colors ranging from blues to reds to attract females as well as to ward off other males.

 Oriental Dwarf Kingfishers

Fan Throated Lizard - Sitana at Satara

Macro Photography

The Macro world is captivating and engaging. While the naked eye can let go many things, the macro world remains elusive . Coming monsoons, explore the macro world through macro photography.

Delve in a world that is tiny yet intriguing and once you enter the macro world, you will take every step with caution.

Refer to the different Macro Photography events at -

Insects mating 

Drossera Indica a few centimeters big insectivorous plant shot at Satara

Landscape Photography

Hold on to what glory you experience, the cloud stories and the rain dramas. Capture some beautiful vistas, which would remain your digital memory in the ages to come.

Bring a refining edge to your photography skill  and capture some great landscapes . Start your travelogue or boast on your social pages with your wonderful pictures.

Refer to the different Landscape Photography events at -

Attempts at Landscape Photography at Satara 

Landscape Photography at Satara

River Rafting

The thrill and the fear go swinging with every crest and trough of the lashing rapids. Oh what a thrill, you will say as you drench in the first spurt of river water and then you will not realize how soon the journey ended, as all you had was a fun filled adventure.

Head along to Kundalika river at Kolad, or little down South to Dandeli in Karnataka.

Let the adrenaline flow within make you realize, Yes, I am alive and I am doing this!!

Refer to the  Kundalika river rafting event at - 

Image Courtesy - www.thrillophilia.com


There is no thrill parallel to trekking. The Western Ghats have the beautiful chain of Sahyadris, bestowed with a rich history of 300 plus hill forts. Treks throughout the years are pleasure, but monsoons holds its own charm. The hill grounds are a carpet of exotic wildflowers over the changing months of monsoons. September is the best time to experience the brush of vibrant colors.

If you are any guilty of being overweight and not working out, event organizers are conducting some "Fitness Treks", which means burning calories and at the same time being one with nature.

Jivdhan Fort

Shepherds at Salher- Salota Trek

Forest Trails

Some cannot take to trekking, cannot take the heights or experience physical limitations and wish to stay grounded, be happy there is something for you too. Forest  trails  in monsoons are a great way to check on the gurgling brooks, roaring waterfalls, plenty of rains. Walk the forest path under the sheet of rains and have the feel of being a drenched child again. Catch up on some flora of the season. Enjoy the scent of the wild and the feel of the rains on you.

You will certainly return as a different person after the walk - Indeed, Happy !!

Forest Trail at - Vardayini


·         Avoid the hill stations in monsoons. The monsoons in hill stations are  rumblings and tantrums of nature and will leave you in no scope to explore.

·         Avoid being over adventurous. Know when you have to step back.

·         Monsoons is an equally inviting time for serpents. Watch out while stepping on greener pastures.

·         Selfies are good, but during monsoons, remain in protected limits before taking selfies.

·         Be good to nature, be a responsible citizen and don't litter. Inculcate in your kids the same habit.

·         While on adventure trips always be guided by an expert.

·         Do not venture for treks alone. A company is always good for sharing and caring.

·         Make the use of mobile apps predicting climate to avoid torrential rains  and disruptions before planning your trips.

·         Always carry warm clothes & dry food on a  monsoon trip.

 Beautiful journeys are partly because of companions - Salher Trek

Have a safe monsoon.

Text by - Jyoti Rane
Photos by - Amit Rane & Jyoti Rane
Fore more on the images - http://myodysseys.com/gallery.html
Instagram  - https://www.instagram.com/jyotiranemyodysseys/


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