Wet Wet Jawhar

As we started on our journey to Jawhar, little was I expecting out of it. Only thing I knew was Jawhar receives the highest rainfall in Thane district and here originated the very famous Warli Painting which is a tribal art carried to date. Jawhar is around 180 kms. from Mumbai. On the Mumbai – Nasik Highway, just before Igatpuri a road bifurcates on the left, we kept on the left turn and we were suddenly in a wonderland. The green environs mesmerized me. The landscapes unfolded so many surprises. Sprawling lawns of fresh green meadows, rain kissed roads, intermittent with brooks and small beautiful bridges on the swelling streams and deep valleys made this place look truly surreal.
On the way to Jawhar

Jawhar receives the maximum rainfall and ironically is the driest region in summer as water is not conserved properly. Truly inhabited by the tribals Jawhar remains distant from tourists and developments. One can visit the Jai vilas palace in Jawhar to have a glimpse of tribal life. The tower clock in the center of the town is another attraction here. Sunset point, which overlooks a dense valley and most of all the warli art which can be seen and bought from a local arts shop. Though this place deserves to be seen in monsoons only,the monsoons are too fierce here. We stayed at Sunset Point Resort.

Warli Painting

An artist at work - Jawhar

Decorative Warli Painting in the Resort we stayed

On the way to Jawhar we came across Vihigaon village waterfall,a silent, secluded waterfall. This place rarely has any visitors and therefore an ideal place to spend time. The waterfall can be seen from the main road, but one has to climb down the small hill to actually reach it.

Vihigaon Waterfall

Vihigaon Waterfall

Another attraction on the way to Jawhar is the Devbandh area. An ancient Ganesh temple is based here. Devbandh is a tranquil paradise. You might be the only souls around here. After visiting the temple, we went around this place. An ancient stone bridge over a river gushing with mercky water, rain clouds stooping low, the green hills and green background made this place look like a painting.The river suddenly turns placid as it moves further. We spent couple of hours here hesitant to move ahead. A truly magical place. Devbandh waterfall is about 15 mins trek from Devbandh temple, but we couldn’t make for the waterfall.

Devbandh Area

Stone Bridge at Devbandh

An old antique carraige

Dabhosa falls is another place worth visiting, the energy this waterfall displays is astounding. Water falls from around 300 feet in a ravine which is wild to the core. The green valley and the ravenous waterfall are an exciting thing to see. A plateau nearby gives the best view of Dabhosa falls.Dabhosa falls is around 16 kms. from Jawhar on the Silvassa road. The last 1 kms. Stretch has to be done walking as vehicles are accessible only till Dabhosa village.

Dabhosa Falls

Places Near Jawhar - Vihigaon Waterfall , Devbandh Ganesh Temple , Devbandh Waterfall , Dabhosa waterfall

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