A Nature land - CBD,Belapur

A thousand splendid destinations, but sometimes our own backyards remain un-explored. CBD, Belapur has been such a place. A second home to me from my school days. Majority of friends resided here and eventually I pursued management studies from BVIMSR- CBD, Belapur. A rich land of green environs and umpteen hills, brimming with amazing insect and bird life. Watching the clouds stoop low on the hills behind my classroom during management lectures used to be refreshing experience. The artist village waterfall and sector-9 nursery very much on the list every monsoon. CBD always makes me nostalgic.

Artist Village Waterfall(CBD waterfall)

Sector-9 nursery is more explored in the last couple of years by students pursuing botany, zoology and herpetology. Unlike normal nursery where saplings are sold, Sec-9 Nursery is a vast stretch of undeveloped land with plethora of trees accessible by proper road. Nursery has varieties of medicinal plants. Insect life is in surplus and offers a study ground for students. Butterflies, flowers, mushrooms, reptiles also form the major population here.

BNHS Group

All along the trail, water runs into small streams, forming ponds with knee deep water. Listen to the sounds of only birds singing. The trail offers various specimens to the alert eyes. BNHS and other nature groups get students here for study outings.

Jewel Bug

Nursery is a promising place for nature lovers. One can explore this place better with a localite or with a group. Best time to visit is in Monsoons. On the harbor line towards Panvel, get down at CBD, Belapur station. Exit from the left hand side of the station. Take an auto till Sector-9. Vehicles are not allowed inside nursery.

Artist village is based in CBD only and can be clubbed with Nursery trip
For more details and photographs check this link - http://myodysseys.com/Trips/Maharashtra/Navi%20Mumbai/CBD/CBD.html/

Places near CBD, Belapur – Artist Village waterfall (CBD waterfall) , Kharghar Hills.


  1. Its amazing, you are so cool , you always keep blogging and all...

  2. Nostalgic for me... Hibernated in CBD-Belapur Sector 5 during my engineering years. Monsoons were indeed the best time to be in CBD!

    Keep up the good work...

  3. I was brought up in Artist Village for 21 years before moving to sector 15 and i'm still not used to living in a flat. & now here's the bummer. CIDCO plans to build towers there by entering into an agreement with some of the house owners. It needs 70% of the owners to sign on the consent forms to set the ball rolling. People don't realize the rarity that this is one of the few places in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) to boast of cluster houses.

  4. Is this photos of CBD Belapur?? before saw this i think CBD has only residential property but now i understand its great place to view also.