The Bridges of Meghalaya

Evening Silhouettes - Bridge at Dianthelan Waterfall 

Its the bridge that gaps the gorge or the bridge that take you forth, bridges have always built relations. Bridges caught my fancy after a dear friend asked me to watch a 1990's Hollywood movie, "The bridges of Madison County." Yeah, the movie was enthralling and left me with a yet new bug of photographing  bridges. I couldn't wait to execute, as my next travel destination was the pristine 'Meghalaya.' 

This blog is dedicated to 'The Bridges of Meghalaya.'

 A twilightscape of  the bridge at Dianthelan Waterfall 

Meghalaya, the abode of clouds was a welcome journey. Stationed at Cherapunji, my itinerary was to explore places around Cherapunji. Unlike the said torrent of rains at Cherapunji, a planned holiday helped in fetching the best of landscapes. The post monsoon period is a time to be here. The humungous clouds straddled on the cerulean skies will be your ever companion here. The late evening rain showers are a definite welcome after the day's heat.

A fresh morning  at the bridge at Dianthelan Waterfall 

Bridge at Dianthelan Waterfall 

Shillong to Cherapunji and then to the borders of Bangladesh and back, these are pictures of the countryside bridges that caught my fancy along the way.. 

A bridge at Cherapunji

They were the bridges over rivers, over gorges and raving waterfalls.

A bridge at Cherapunji

Some bedecked with flowers, yet rugged in their own way.

Single decker - Living root bridge - Mawlylong

 Some were the man-made root bridges rendering one speechless on its intricate architecture.

Single decker - Living root bridge - Mawlylong

A foot bridge at Cherapunji   (Photo by - Dr. Rajesh Jadhav)

Some sparingly used yet, a bridge that communicates.

A bridge at Cherapunji

Some sitting idle witnessing the sky-cloud drama and the constellations reflect by

Umkar living root bridge 

Some in the way of making..

Dawki Bridge over Umngot River (Border of India- Bangladesh)

And others bridging countries together.

Bridge over Kynrem falls

The different moods at different times of the day, did encourage me in composing this blog 
"The bridges of Meghalaya'

  Bridge on the way to Cherapunji

Yet, the bridge that did not bridge..did leave a gap known.

Text - Jyoti Rane
Photos -  Amit Rane , Jyoti Rane & Dr. Rajesh Jadhav
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  2. And where is the iconic double decker root bridges?