A walk in clouds- Naneghat

A walk in the clouds is what this place offers. Naneghat lies on the Mumbai – Malshej Ghat highway. What all trekkers enjoy at Naneghat is a hike up the hill, but my experience is a little different. I drove my way up to Naneghat.

Looking at Jivdhan from Naneghat

Monsoons turn this place in to a frenzy of wild bushes, waterfalls, and impeccable, un-imitated beauty. On a pouring weekend we drove to Junnar. After seeing around Junnar, we wanted to visit Naneghat. Trekking was not on anyone’s mind as we had come to enjoy our weekend drive. Amit suggested us an option, that we can drive up to Naneghat and we all jumped to the idea.

The plateau at Naneghat

We drove through Junnar and reached Naneghat through a motorable road. The entire drive offered a series of breathtaking views. The rains made these landscapes look like some paintings. By taking this way we had covered almost 75% of the climb. We reached a huge plateau dotted with a carpet of yellow monsoon flowers. We walked under the drizzle enjoying the crisp cold weather. A small climb of 10 mins and we were in a world of clouds, the wind blew hard and we managed to keep our self grounded.

On the way- from Junnar to Naneghat
On the way- from Junnar to Naneghat - Shambucha Dongar

One the way from Junnar to Naneghat - Near Manikdoh Dam

On the way - Junnar to Naneghat- Manikdoh Dam

The view from the peak left us spellbound. The valley below was a spray of greens with roads snaking through. The adjacent Jivdhan kept playing hide and seek with the clouds and was a delight to watch. Machindragad and Gorakhgad appeared dwarfed in distance.





Naneghat is a fort trekked by one and many people. It s a pleasure trekking up the fort, but it’s a relish to drive along. Naneghat can be reached through Junnar - Ghatghar – Naneghat. Monsoons are the best time to be around here.

A large stone vessel at Naneghat

Cave at Naneghat
For more photos -- http://www.myodysseys.com/Treks/Naneghat/Naneghat.html


  1. I am so glad i found ur blog... being a travel buff and a photography fan i'm so happy i landed at ur blog... The vihigaon and jawhar pics are awesome.. I have been there and seriouslyy that place just blows u off... i'm glad tht not many people knw about it and hence it remains less crowded..

    Thanks for letting me knw about naneghat..looks interesting :) I'l keep flocking ur blog for more :)

  2. Beautiful place! Stunning pics!!

  3. Hi Jyoti! Nice pics:)
    Was thinking of trekking to Naneghat..1st time in the rains though. Do u think the caves will be dry for a nights stay?

    Rajmachi is a good option for more walk in the clouds..small waterfall and a beautiful stream.


    Pravin (Bhramanti)

  4. its a really great fun to see all this pics .thank u and pls be posted the same if u hv more.

  5. Hi Pravin,Thanx for the comment. Naneghat cave should comfortably accomodate 5-6 people even in rains.