Nagla Block

Nagla Block is situated on the north of Vasai creek. Nagla Block is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, but remains isolated from the mainland. The entire region is a dense forest covered on the sides by Creek waters.

Forest Canopy

A trail leads us uphill from the base village. The Vasai creek is seen interrupted by the forest. The trail leads further covered on either side by dense vegetation. As you go on the vegetation gets denser. The entire region is packed to the brim with activity, only you should have curious eyes.

Forest Trail

Forest Trail

Nagla block offers a good habitat for flora as well as fauna. The forest forms an uninterrupted canopy at places and therefore the forest land is blessed with sunlight only occasionally. Variety of birds, butterflies, insects, shrubs and herbs are found here. Leopards have got this area into limelight.

A hint of sunlight

The occasional rain showers kept us from exploring much. We went with the intention of bird photography and therefore our cameras came much empty handed. We went to spot Indian Pitta and did spot it, but couldn’t capture it.

Bird watchers

A machan

Nagla block is a good place for trekking , nature trails , bird spotting , butterfly watching , but it’s safe to go with nature groups or with a company who knows this place well. An ideal place within city’s limits for being close to nature. No permission required from authorities to visit this place , but mind you this place is dominated by mosquitoes.

Places near Nagla Block -- Sanjay Gandhi National Park , Vasai Creek.

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  1. Nice Picture Blog! And thanks for the warning about the mosquitoes. Planning to visit the place next weekend.