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An eventful evening in the jungle of Nagarhole.

Nagarhole is a huge jungle declared sanctuary sharing borders with Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Nagarhole was an enchanting experience and especially the one evening we strayed accidently in the

Murukkal Elephant Camp

After a session of photographs of the wild, we were on the way to Murukkal elephant Camp .We intended to feed the elephants in Murukkal camp with Jaggery. We had our store of jaggery. It was the mid of April and suddenly the rain god’s appeared. The entire forest was transformed from the hues of yellow and chrome to the rain soaked leaves and the melting mud. On the way to Murukkal we saw the elephants from the camp dragging their own supplies of food under the supervision of the mahouts. On reaching the camp we came to know that one elephant had escaped in the forest, fearing the unscheduled lightning and thunder.

Tamed Elephants on thw way to Murukkal Camp

The rain gods weren’t gentler and we had to stay back in the camp till we could make our way. A verandah of an unoccupied house was our shelter for the 2 hours. It was dusking and we had to cross the gates on the other end of the forest before 7 pm……….. A nearly one hour drive from the Murukkal camp. Though the fear of crossing the forest in dark and the wild stayed in our mind, the weather had become so engaging. The rains and the wind carried the scent of the numerous Nilgiri trees and the rain soaked mud. The clouds had blocked the source of light. At around 6.30 pm we decided we have to go ahead with our journey inspite of the rain lashes. With an unwilling mind we left the comfort of Murukkal, only to enter a fun packed adventure journey.

A path in Nagarhole Sanctuary

The rain water left the tar roads steaming and the phenomenon was amazing to see in the fog lights. Everything around was pitch dark now, with only the comfort of our car headlights. My only concern was my 11 months old baby, who was a part of our adventure. As the night falls the elephants and Gaurs come and occupy the roads and the herd doesn’t move for hours together at times. Elephants are too sharp listeners though they cannot see properly, so being with a baby was all the more frightful of being attacked. We kept on moving praying for the best and hoping the gates on the other end are open.

Murukkal Elephant camp

On our way we spotted gaurs, porcupines, herds of paired eyes of spotted deers. Our fear evaporated as we saw some tribals from the next elephant camp, crossing the forest bare footed and without any source of light. We were far better in the comfort of the car. The frightful journey turned eventful and came to an end very soon , but only after we had to spend time finding and convincing the forest guard on the other end for opening the gate as it was 8 pm. But then again my daughter came to our rescue and we were released from the claws of the forest in to the world of humans.

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