Deobagh (God's Garden)

Deobagh beach

If Island cities like Lakshadweep, Mauritius are your dream destinations for pristine beaches, you have not seen our very own beaches at Malvan. Malvan was not recogninsed as a tourist destination till recently. With the initiative of Maharashtra state government, Malvan is emerging as a great tourist destination attracting tourist worldwide

Fishermen at Deobagh Beach

Deobagh also marks the confluence of Karli river and Arabian Sea. The backwaters are huge and stretched across miles .Deobagh is a peaceful retreat offering multiple options like ferrying along the Karli Backwaters, ferrying towards Nivti for watching Dolphins, exploring Nivti fort, and a peaceful beach to relax.

A Dolphin pair

Our quest for the Dolphins remained unsuccessful the first day as we went on a search around mid day. On learning from the fisher folk that dolphins are majorly seen in the mornings, we were at the beach at 7 am sharp, but again were disappointed as there was no sign on dolphins till 9 am, and then the curtain raised and started the play of dolphins, from one dolphin to a shoal of dolphins .It was a visual treat. An occasional sword fish would emerge from the water in the air and jet speed across the sea, touching water intermittently and would be out of sight like a lightning. A dead turtle kept floating. Jelly fishes were a delight to watch.

Flock of birds on the island

The ferry ride takes you to a small island which was recently developed and remains submerged during high tide. This island gives a beautiful panoramic view of Deobagh-Tarkarli stretch. Thousands of birds inhabit this island.

Deobagh as seen from the Island

Deobagh’s shoreline joins the Tarkarli shoreline. Tarkarli beach offers a distant view of the Sindhudurg fort. Malvan is a treat for sightseeing and also for eating. The food joints here offer mouth watering Malvani food. The Fish fry, Crab curry, king prawns are yum yum, and last but not the least is the soul kadi (an appetizer made from coconut milk and Kokam) without which a Malvan trip remains incomplete.

Places near Deobagh - Tarkarli Beach , Nivti Beach & Fort , Karli backwaters , Sindhudurg Fort

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