Ganeshgudi - A Captivating Encounter

On the northern borders of Karnataka not very far from Karvar lies an abode to peace and tranquil, a home to various wild animals. Tucked in the comfortable lap of the verdant green hills overlooking the Supa dam is Ganeshgudi – A land of the wild.

Supa Dam Reservoir

After a stay at Kabini JLR an invitation to visit ganeshgudi didn’t tempt me assuming the place to be a luxury resort. In contrast to my thinking, Ganeshgudi turned to be a quaint little place tucked to the rim with wildlife and fun. Beautiful is this place and amazing are the people and their hospitality.

Placid backwaters of Supa Dam

A creative person’s paradise and an adventure buff’s playground Ganeshgudi has something for all. Wild life safaris, trekking, rafting, kayaking, coracle ride, nature trails make a fun packed holidays at ganeshgudi. One can lie on the hammock and spend endless hours in nature’s lap.

Old Magazine House - JLR Karnataka

The serene land of hills and water has green canopy stretched far and wide. Ganeshgudi receives very heavy rainfall and therefore thick forests. The Old magazine house, a JLR resort is one such place which would remain a nostalgia for everyone- a rustic, weather beaten setup in the deep woods, an ideal place for bird watchers.The silence of the night is intermittently broken by the cries of the wild. The barking deer, the monkeys and the wild dogs visit very near the campus. Black leopard is a beauty of this region and often spotted by localites

Ruby Throated Bulbul

A plethora of birds visit here every season. From the reds to the yellows all colored feather are ganeshgudi’s own make. An unusual setup of bamboo benches below huge fig tree is a lovely place to idle time at Old Magazine house. One can sit here for hours sipping coffee and enjoying the colored feathered beauties.


The supa dam is an amazing place to veil time, the blue green water of the Supa dam cast a spell and one can lose sense of time admiring it. The little huts stacked on hills and the smoke rising from their chimneys completes the countryside view.

Supa Dam backwaters

Ganeshgudi remains my favorite and I am waiting for another opportunity to be there. Make it a point to stay at the Old magazine house whenever you go there. Old Magazine house is a setup of only 5 cottages and a Dormitory, so one has to book well in advance.

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  1. Hey there, keep exploring true nature. Do keep us updated.

  2. Its called a Black panther and not leopard.

  3. Loved reading this! Great pics too. I've been to Ganeshgudi 2 times in the past 3 years and still not had enough of it. Planning to spend a couple of days in Old Magazine House again this October.

  4. Excellent Post! Rejoice life during holidays through Dandeli Resorts; located in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka state.