A flowerland called Kas

If bollywood is mesmerizing you with the landscapes of flower beds, verdant green hills and the mist laden lakes, you don’t have to go any far to witness it yourself. Kas, in satara is a surreal destination. Surreal of course because you will lose yourself to it.

Flower bed at Kas plateau

The verdant green hills, overlooking dam water and valley, the vast stretches of pasteurs, the countryside houses, the shepherds and their flock, and the rich carpet of flower beds will be there to welcome you.

Shepherd at Yavteshwar Plateau

Kas is a huge plateau in Satara. A majestic land of flower meadows, dwindling sun and mist bathed valley . Kas plateau is 20 minutes drive from Satara city. A drive which will take you from the hum drum of the city to a countryside unexplored. The vast green lawns intermittent with the colourful flower beds is a pleasing sight to the eyes.The kas lake is crystal clear lake and s surrounded on all sides by small hills. The crystal clear waters of the lake reflect the colours of the sky .

Kas Lake

Kas can be reached through Satara. Kas is a isolated land and therefore one has to rely on private means of transport for reaching here. Kas Plateau also offers an unhindering view of the shivsagar dam reservoir. The entire region will leave you spellbound ,with layers and layers of hills and the dam water snaking between.One can idle hours sitting and enjoying the calmness of this place. A lone vehicle might frequent here once in a while.

Wild flowers at Kas Plateau

The best season to visit Kas is post monsoons for the natural exhibit of wild flowers . In monsoons the entire region is enveloped in layers of mist, but a gentle wind can make you witness the hidden beauty. A huge variety of wild flowers sprout here every monsoons and therefore is a good study ground for botanists.

Kas Plateau

Yavteshwar plateau is the plateau adjoining Kas plateau but placed at a little lower altitude.Yavteshwar plateau gives a distant view of beautiful Sajjangad fort and the shivsagar dam reservoir.

Yavteshwar Plateau

Other places that can be visited around Kas are - Sajjangad fort , Ajinkyatara fort Yavteshwar Plateau , Chalkewadi, & Thoseghar Waterfalls.

For more pictures visit - http://www.myodysseys.com/Trips/Maharashtra/Satara%20Kas/satara.html

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